National Tourism Photo Competition

The American University of Madaba won first prize at the Jordanian national tourism photo competition.

Three students from the Graphic Design and Architecture department accepted the award for Best Photo at the Jordanian Tourism Festival at Citadel.

The Graphic Design department believes participating in the Tourism National Day can esthetically enrich our lives and reflect the wonderful image of Jordan by communicating visually with society.

Our Digital Photography course instructor, Mr. Salem Haddad, guided the winning team in preparation for the contest. They were in the field for about two weeks working day and night to capture the radiant images of Jordan’s landscape in order to claim this prestigious award.

We would like to congratulate the following for winning the first prize in the contest.

Huda Al Seide (first prize)

Laith Akouz

Huda Al Seide (first prize)
Laith Akouz
Noorhan Abaychi

We would also like to recognize the team members who worked in the background- providing valuable feedback and advice to make this project a success.

Meriam  Karadsheh
Zaina Hassan
Sami Al Bajjali
Adham Nassar
Dania Shehad
Noor Dawodieh