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I assumed my position as a new president of AUM on the fifth of February 2017. To this point in time, two graduation ceremonies have been held where a total of 327 AUM students graduated.  Our conviction is that AUM should seek a comprehensive and balanced education of the students, leading them to become people of good-will ready to help others before self, dedicated to the well-being of Jordan, the region and the world.

It is our duty to develop well-rounded leaders and critical thinkers who can solve problems in an increasingly complex, dynamic and global society.

AUM was able, during this short period of time, to establish eighteen programs accredited by the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (HEAC-QA), and authorized to grant degrees for all eighteen programs by the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission (NHHEC). Our programs will be monitored in order to make them address market demand and be up-to-date.

As an American university incorporated in New Hampshire, we will next seek International Accreditation and increase the number of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU’s) with US and European universities. NEASC accreditation is our priority. Obtaining such US accreditation will undoubtedly advance our endeavors in establishing MoU’s with various US and European Universities, for the purpose of increasing the number of exchange students, and widen our endeavors to promote research and establish joint graduate programs.

As far as Community Engagement, AUM will help in developing the innovation spirit for high school students, 9th to 12th grades. We will help the high school students in developing their ideas into projects based on scientific research methods. These projects will be entered into a national competition organized annually by the Jordanian Ministry of Education. The successful and selected projects will be submitted to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) which convenes annually in the USA and is supported by Intel Company. There are additional multiple fairs which convene in many parts of the world, in which the students may participate.

Finally, we will have an open door policy to all AUM stakeholders.

 President Nabil Ayoub

Feb 19, 2017

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