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About the Author

Professor Al Deek is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Communication, Head of the Department of English Language and Literature, and the Department of Translation, and Assistant Professor of World literatures at The American University of Madaba, Jordan. Al Deek was awarded a PhD in Post-colonial Studies and Literature (2013) and an MA in World Literatures (2006) from Sunderland University, northern England, where he spent his twenties working as an academic lecturer, interpreter, and language assessor. He is the author of Writing Displacement: the Politics of Home and Identity in Post-colonial English Fiction, published with Palgrave Macmillan, New York in 2016; he is the co-curator of creative writing group, Writers in Amman, and is currently finding a home for his semi-autobiographical memoir, The Eucalyptus Tree. Professor Al Deek is also working on a project that investigates the impact of graffiti on Amman.

Reviews of the Book

"Al Deek’s book is engaging and timely. It argues that historical memory and home remain at the heart of displacement. Invoking the Palestinian post-colonial and colonial experiences of exile, oppression and dispossession, along with his personal story of displacement, the author interrogates the meaning of displacement and the changing politics of identity in fiction writing of two generations of displaced writers. This book is an invaluable resource for critical thinkers and students interested in identity, belonging, home, nomadism, diasporas, and displacement."

- Dina Matar, Lecturer, Centre for Film and Media Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK; author of What it means to be Palestinian: Stories of Palestinian Peoplehood.

"Growing exponentially with every new arrival on Europe's inhospitable shores, yet still under-discoursed, displacement in Al Deek's book is analysed across a range of post-colonial hybridities, none more authentically than that inflected by his own experience as a third generation Palestinian exile, making Writing Displacement a compelling read."

- Geoffery Nash, Senior Lecturer, Sunderland University, UK, and author of From Empire to Orient, and Culture and Civilization in the Middle East.

"Al Deek's study of the literature of displacement is a bold attempt to read two important generations of Black British writers through the template of the Palestinian experience. Against any fashionable predilection for seeing the displaced as necessarily nomadic, Al Deek argues for the complexity of the forms of identity and attachment that follow from the fact of displacement as they are articulated by writers originating in Africa, the Caribbean, India, and Pakistan."

- Patrick Williams, Professor, Nottingham Trent University, UK, and author of Edward Said, and Post-colonial Theory and Literatures.

About the Book

What is home? How thin is the line between nationalism and racism? How imaginary are our homelands? Are we nomads and belong no-where? Or do we always have central gravitation now-here? How does memory and nostalgia intensify our exilic displacement? How much of the past is shadow? And how much of the now is present?

This book studies the metamorphosis of the politics of home and identity amongst migrant nationals subsequent to the end of WWII, from 1945 to 2005, using the Palestinian exilic displacements as a critical tool and compass to find intersecting points of reference with the Caribbean, Indian, African, Chinese, and Pakistani dispersions. From Sam Selvon to Salman Rushdie and Monica Ali, Edward Said to HomiBhabha and Stuart Hall, the author here reroutes filiation to affiliation. The text troubles the ideas of citizenship and national belonging; it celebrates the freedom to be "out of place" which opens doors for and promotes rediscovery of materials that have been repressed or pushed aside in cultural translation, without falling into mental ghettoisation.

Book Launch Details

Al Deek’s book launch is taking place on Saturday, the 11 of March, 2016; in Readers Bookshop at Cozmo, 7th Circle, at 5:30 pm.


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