Ongoing projects at AUM

Generating electricity using solar photovoltaic cells

The university has initiated a solar photo-voltaic (PV) power generation project at AUM campus. Several work teams are carrying out the required installation simultaneously at several campus locations, linking the university buildings with this system.

The project is based on an agreement signed earlier this year between the American University of Madaba and Izzat Marji Group, at a cost of more than one million Jordanian dinars. It is expected that these installations will be completed and the system will start to operate in less than three months from now.

The university hopes that this project will provide AUM with electricity needs, reduce energy bills and thus contribute to reducing the national energy bill. Based on the initial calculations, the project is expected to recover its financial cost in less than two years.

Thus, we are initiating a project where the American University of Madaba will secure an environmentally friendly campus, as well as reduce the national energy bill in line with the government's policy of using renewable energy sources.


New Student Parking Project

A new project for the parking of students' cars is underway on the university campus. A large part of this project has been completed. It is expected that this parking area will be ready to serve university students in less than one month. This project is part of the university's continuous efforts to secure a campus with an integrated student service system. The estimated cost of this project will be JD120,000 and it will accommodate about 200 cars.

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