Course Registration for Summer 2016 / 2017


Please be informed that Registration for the Summer Session 2016 / 2017 will start on Tuesday 18/4/2017 and will end on Tuesday 2/5/2017. The registration process may be done online through a personal computer or mobile phone. Registration priorities will be given according to student seniority, as shown in the attached table.


  1. All students are requested to contact their academic advisors to approve their registered schedule.
  2. All Students are requested to contact the Financial Dept. within (3) days, starting with registration date, to avoid cancellation of registered courses.


Summer Session 2016-2017 Registration

Date / Time Schedule

Students Academic Level
Passed Credits Hours
Fifth& Fourth Year Students
More Than 99 Credits PassedHours
Third&Second Year Students
From 33 Creditsand less than 99 Credits
26+27 /4 /2017
& 2 / 5 /2017
First Year Students  
Less than 33 Credits



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