Oxford Business Library Free of Charge / Sign-up Day

Dear Students,

As part of our partnership with Oxford Business Group, you are invited to the “ Sign-up Day” ,Wednesday, 10, May at 10:00/BB Hall, to register on Oxford Business Group library free of charge, The purpose of the sign-up day is to gather the students to complete the registration process to Oxford Business Group library. Registered students will be able to access the equivalent of OBG’s basic annual subscription, which usually retails at £500 per person.

This library helps you  to search over 25,000 articles by keyword, It will provide an in-depth overview of the country’s political and economic climate and review the trends and challenges shaping major sectors, including financial services, energy, ICT, industry & retail, real estate & construction, health, education, transport and tourism, amongst others that publishes expansive economic reports in thirty-six countries around the world.

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