A roundtable dialogue on the dangers of violent acts at universities and communities


Thursday, 2/3/2017

The Deanship of Student Affairs organized a panel discussion on the reasons for campus violence, in addition to the role of university students in eliminating as well as preventing its causes, in cooperation with the Deanship of student affairs of AL-Zaitonah University and the Directorate of Culture in Madaba city. 

The roundtable was attended by three members who support the concept ​​of non-violent universities and communities. At the roundtable the speakers presented a brief on the concepts of respect and acceptance, besides the rule of law, followed by an open discussion with the students. Afterwards, a short movie was presented to summarize the bad impact of violence on future generations’ value systems.

The session ended with significant recommendations and encouragement from the students to organize additional seminars of this type. They felt it had positive impact in enhancing the dialogue skills among students; secondly, they felt they had a constructive influence in enhancing the idea of accepting and respecting others’ thoughts regardless of differences; and thirdly, it is clear that such seminars are considered a notable opportunity where students can express their views in an academic atmosphere free of rejection, violence or refusal.

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