Sport Complex Activities

The Deanship of Student Affairs / Sport Complex has organized and/or participated in the following sport activities:

Swimming Competition

A Swimming competition was held at the sport complex (swimming pool), between students of three AUM faculties (engineering, languages and business). The competition results were as follows:

  1. First place           : Business faculty
  2. Second place      : Languages faculty
  3. Third place          : Engineering 

A Basketball Game with Petra University

A basketball game was held at the Petra University between the AUM basketball team and the Petra university Basketball team. AUM basketball Team won the game 70-52

Ping pong Championship

The Deanship of student affairs/ sport complex has organized a ping pong championship for the AUM Male/Female students

The competition results were as follows:


  1. First               : Adam Saleh
  2. Second         : Khaled Abdeen


  1. First               : Raya nemeh
  2. Second         : Yasmin saryji

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