Robotics Competition

By: Dr. Moudar Zgoul
Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Department
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
American University of Madaba

The American University of Madaba is collaborating with Gannon University and The University of Baghdad in teaching an online course in Robotics. Both Mechanical and Electrical engineering students from AUM are involved in this class where lectures are conducted via a live feed across the internet that allows live interaction and collaboration between all lectures and students alike. 

This unique experience provides, not only an exciting platform, but also a very interactive method of learning that helps to enrich students' experience in the learning process. 

Students in all participating universities are sitting for lectures delivered by lecturers in the United States, Iraq and Jordan. Furthermore, students are working in cross-continent groups on assignments and projects. Sharing information and building experience by exploiting the available resources in all three collaborating institutions. 

This is a part of AUM's innovative vision towards enhanced learning experience for our students. 

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