AUM English Class visits Latin Patriarchate High school for girls in Madaba

Wednesday 29th March 2017

As partial fulfillment of the requirements for the English Teaching Methodology Course, a group of students from the Faculty of English language and communication, visited the Latin Patriarchate High School for Girls in Madaba.  The students attended classes with sixth , ninth and tenth graders.

For the duration of the classes, the students experienced various innovative strategies presented by the teachers inside the classroom. Afterwards, each cluster of the students, along with the teacher who they attended the class with, had fulfilled a focused and intensive discussion regarding the implemented class room dynamics.

This practical part of the course usually enhances the theoretical part and provides students with lifelong learning. “The visit was of great benefit,” the students reported.

Finally, a sincere word of appreciation and gratefulness goes to the school’s head teacher, Mrs. Shadia, for her welcoming and generosity.

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