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Information Technology


Vision and Mission


Computers have gone from limited use to become almost a universal technology. Directly or indirectly they affect many other disciplines including science, engineering, business and even art. It is important for all people to be able to take advantage of this technology, so we intend to not only promote innovative programs for computer majors but also develop multidisciplinary programs for non-computer majors. We will soon offer a wide range of computer majors, hiring the best people in the computer fields to develop ourselves in both undergraduate and graduate research programs and achieve international prominence.


The Faculty of Information Technology at the American University of Madaba provides students majoring in computer fields with excellent preparation for entry into computer-related careers and for further study in graduate or professional schools in the computing discipline, as well. In short, the intention is to create well-prepared professionals who can aid Jordan in becoming  a leader in all computer fields. We also offer support to the mission of the university in several ways: offering support courses in programming to engineering students, a university elective in programming to broaden the experience of non-computer majors and have implemented a minimal computer literacy placement examination which is taken by all incoming university students to ensure that all students have the minimum computer skills needed to be fully involved in our ever-changing world culture.

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